LWT continuity and presentation announcers


All about London Weekend Television's famous in-vision and out-of-vision continuity announcers, the friendly faces and voices that helped promote LWT's slick but friendly image.


London Weekend Television used out-of-vision announcers only from 1968 until 1972 when its new studio centre, Kent House, opened on the South Bank. In-vision continuity remained until 1983, thereafter announcers appeared on screen only to read the local news headlines. Video clips of LWT announcers in action are available on our main continuity section.

Ruth Anders

lwt announcer ruth anders

lwt announcer ruth anders

Ruth Anders was an LWT vision and out-of-vision presentation announcer from 1983 until 1993. She has a very distinctive 'upmarket' voice and now lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Trish Bertram

lwt announcer trish bertram

Trish Bertram is one of the best-known voices on British television and started her announcing career with London Weekend Television in 1982. Initially, she was employed to provide links and local advert voice-overs for LWT's play-out of Channel Four in the London area, but moved over to the main LWT service soon afterwards. She remained a prominent LWT station announcer right up until the end, October 2002, and was Senior Announcer at LWT from 1996. Trish has also announced for Television South, Westcountry TV, British Satellite Broadcasting, ITV1, Channel 5, Film 24 and has been the station image voice for a number of BBC and commercial radio stations. Interview with Trish Bertram.

Mike Carson

lwt announcer mike carsonMike was LWT's main promotions voice-over artists between 1983 and 2001. He also did a stint in the continuity booth as a continuity announcer between 2001 and 2002, and he has also announced and voiced promos for TVS, Meridian and Sky Television. Mike was also an LBC radio presenter from 1981 to 1991, and he is currently a freelance presenter and a regular announcer on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting).

Adrian Finighan

Adrian FinighanAdrian was a freelance presentation announcer for London Weekend Television in 1995. He has also announced for Anglia, Carlton, BBCTV Wales, BBC One and BBC Two. He's now a newsreader and presenter for BBC World television on satellite.

David Geary

lwt announcer david geary

David Geary was a regular relief in-vision continuity announcer for London Weekend Television in the mid to late 1970s.

Sharon Gray

lwt announcer sharon gray

Best-known for her long running gig as an announcer on Anglia Television and also Southern Television, Sharon Gray was also an LWT freelance announcer from 1979 to 1984.

Keith Harrison

lwt announcer keith harrisonKeith was an LWT announcer in the mid-1980s, working both in-vision and out-of-vision. He moved from London Weekend Television to become one of the main announcers on Channel Four.

Barri Haynes

lwt announcer barri haynes

Throughout the 1970s, Barri Haynes was a regular fixture on LWT screens as an in-vision continuity announcer. He was also a television interviewer in the early 1970s and, later in the decade, was one of the commentators on the BBC's Come Dancing programme, the forerunner to Strictly Come Dancing.

Robin Houston

lwt announcer robin houston

Best-known for his long stint as a newsreader at Thames Television in London, and later as the voice of Channel Five's 100 Per Cent quiz, Robin Houston also announced for LWT and provided voice-overs for many LWT continuity promotions.

Sarah Kennedy

lwt announcer sarah kennedy

Sarah Kennedy was a freelance LWT announcer in the 1970s, spending the weekdays as a reporter and newsreader for Southern Television in the South East. London Weekend Television gave Sarah her big break on national trelevision as one of the main presenters of Game For A Laugh, one of the UK's first 'real people' light entertainment shows. Sarah Kennedy went on to present the BBC's Sixty Minutes news magazine, and, many television and radio programmes, including Busman's Holiday, and the early show on BBC Radio Two.

Peter Lewis

lwt announcer peter lewis

Certain announcers are inextricably linked with the stations they worked for and undoubtedly one of LWT's iconic announcers was Peter Lewis, who joined the company from its start in August 1968 and was the first person to broadcast from the station's new television centre at Upper Ground, on the South bank of the Thames, when it opened for business in 1971. Peter Lewis was promoted to become senior announcer in 1977 when Alec Taylor left the company. Lewis stayed in this role, although mainly out of vision after 1983, until 1996 when he left the station to pursue his career and business interests as a management consultant in the United States. He returned briefly in 1998 to record a series of in-vision links to mark LWT's 30th birthday. The links were actually recorded at the GMTV newsdesk as LWT had by then got rid of its in-vision continuity facilities. Lewis is the son of Bruce Lewis, a renowned announcer and presenter at TWW and then HTV in the westcountry and Wales.

lwt announcer peter lewis in-vision

Andy Marriott

Andy MarriottAndy Marriott was a voice-only announcer for LWT in the 1990s. He is also a familiar TV voice in the midlands as he announced for Central Television and then Carlton Television in that region. Andy is also a radio presenter.

Keith Martin

Keith MartinKeith Martin had a long career as a continuity announcer on several independent televisions stations, spanning the 1960s to the 1980s. He was a regular freelance announcer for LWT in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He also announced for ABC Television in the north, Anglia Television, Southern Television and then TVS. Keith went on to specialise in voice-coaching and media training - his clients include former Prime Minister Rt Hon John Major.

Verity Martindill

lwt announcer verity martindill

Verity Martindill was an LWT in-vision presenration announcer in the late 1970s until around 1981. Verity was a well-known continuity face across the UK, having announced on several other ITV stations, including Southern Television, TVS and Central.

Hilary Osborn

lwt announcer hilary osborne

Hilary Osborn is probably best known for her time as an announcer on BBC2 but she was also a relief in-vision continuity announcer for London Weekend Television in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Sue Peacock

lwt announcer sue peacock

Sue Peacock was an LWT in-vision presentation announcer from 1981 to 1984. After leaving LWT, she became a TV producer, starting her career with Lifestyle Television. In this role, she 'discovered' Dale Winton, giving him his first gig as a television presenter. She went on to work for BBC World, producing videos, magazines and other marketing collateral.

Pam Rhodes

lwt announcer pam rhodes

Best-known as one of the presenters of BBCTV's Songs of Praise, Pam Rhodes was also an in-vision continuity announcer for LWT in the early 1980s. Before that she was an announcer, reporter and presenter for Anglia Television in Norwich. She starred as herself in an episode of The Vicar of Dibley and also The Brittas Empire and has also announced and presented for BFBS.

Alec Taylor

lwt announcer alec taylorAlec Taylor was LWT's senior announcer the station's launch in August 1968 until 1977, when he was succeeded by Peter Lewis. In his spare time, Alec was a keen hospital radio broadcaster.

Glen Thompsett

Glen Thompsett, MeridianGlen Thompsett joined London Weekend Television in 1983 and he remained with the station until the on-air brand was ditched in October 2002. He is a versatile announcer and presenter and has also anchored Meridian News in the south-east, Sky Television, and on several satellite travel and shopping channels.

Roger Tilling

Roger TillingRoger Tilling is nationally well known as the voice of the BBC's University Challenge. He was a London Weekend Television continuity announcer in the late 1990s until 2002. He has also announced for Granada Television and Yorkshire Television and, for some time, has been the main continuity voice on The Hallmark Channel. He also provides voice-overs for adverts and promotions.

Colin Weston

lwt announcer colin weston

Colin Weston was an LWT announcer in the 1970s but he is much better known for his long run as an announcer with Granada Television in Manchester. He's also announced for a number of regional ITV stations, including Tyne Tees TV, Southern TV, TVS, Anglia TV and Border Television.

Nigel Williams

lwt announcer and voiceover nigel williamsNigel was an LWT voice-over artist between 1990 and 2002. Nigel tells us: "I was auditioned by producer Steve Allen in 1990 to provide the voice for a young and trendy overnight sequence that never saw the light of day. When the promotions department was looking for a 'younger' image to promote the Saturday night Baywatch, Blind Date, Gladiators sequence I was recalled and became the guy who did the 'big sell'. After presenting the the Head Of Promotions with a demo of more mature subtle delivery, I was allowed greater freedom in my style and eventually became the lead brand-image voice with Trish Bertram." Nigel continues to work for network ITV and is also the presenter of Late Night Love Songs on Heart 106.2 in London.

Other London Weekend TV announcers and voice-over artists

Other LWT announcers included: Jill Bechley, Pat Doody, Andrea Simmons, Gayle Coleman. The LWT promotions voice-over team also included: Greg Bance and Ali Ballantyne. Please let us know if you have images of any of these continuity announcers and voice-over artistes for inclusion on this site.